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Vince Ismert and Gabe Ismert

Vince Ismert


Gabe Ismert


Striem was formed in 2015 by brothers Vince and Gabe Ismert. In March of that year, we purchased the oil separator, solids interceptor, and chemical waste tank product lines from Schier. We’ve been having fun ever since.

We’ve hired seven world-class fabricators (we call them Striemsmiths), a Shop Manager (his hands haven’t been clean since 2015), a Product Specialist and Engineer Specialist (they’re more than happy to discuss tanks as well as sports), a Buyer/Production Planner (she also has a knack for photography), two Regional Product Educators, two Design Engineers (they help us think outside the box but color inside the lines), an Accounting Manager (she taught us how to count), and a Shipping Coordinator (we hired him after we realized none of us knew how to drive a forklift).

Our goal is to provide you with a perfect customer experience, and a well-engineered, lifetime guaranteed product. If we don’t, call Vince or Gabe. I’m sure we can work something out.

The Striem Team

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